Hydrogen Systems & Cleantech

McPhy-Waterfuel Energy

McPhy-Waterfuel Energy, operating in the Middle East, Africa and India, is a JV with McPhy Energy, a public listed company headquartered in France. McPhy is a designer and manufacturer of onsite hydrogen generation, storage and distribution equipment. Their products include electrolyzers of all sizes, hydrogen refueling stations (HRS), solid storage and  gas integrated solutions for  hydrogen mobility, energy storage, power-to-gas and industrial markets. McPhy modular systems generate hydrogen at low and high pressures that can be further integrated with their modular storage to satisfy any type of hydrogen demand, especially large installations where multi MW solutions are required.

McPhy produces in three manufacturing facilities in France, Germany and Italy as well as operates offices worldwide. It has over 3,000 hydrogen installations globally.

For more info visit: www.mcphy-waterfuel.com